The company offers affordable housing finance to both urban and rural areas within Limpopo

Risima Mandate

Risima has been created to respond to the need to create access to home loan finance to all residents of Limpopo both in rural and urban areas. In so doing, assist LEDA to achieve its developmental objective and empowerment in Limpopo through housing construction, in support of the Provincial Employment, Growth and Development Plan


The company is self-sustainable and has recorded a profit averaging to R16.5 million per annum for the past five (5) financial years. As a lending organisation operating in a home loan sector, the provision for bad debt is maintained at 3% of the total loan book. It should be noted that the bad debt provision does not exceed the above norm, which is an indicative of sound credit assessment, control of collections and a good legal recovery processes.


Interest Linked Rural Home Loan. A home loan charged at prime plus 1% interest rate across the board. Benefits of an interest linked to prime lending rate home loan:
Use Permission to Occupy (PTO) Personalised

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